We’re (almost) Out….!! April Newsletter

Watxching at home 1

We hope you have been surviving in your bubble well over the past four weeks. It’s great news NZ has managed to dampen down the virus’ spread. We are still planning for our Festival in Wanaka June 28 to 28 live at the Wanaka Community Hub and also online through a Vimeo platform. Additionally, we are also looking at the possibility of a show in Queenstown again. We will continue to offer amazing sessions like other years with an Opening night, free family shows, guest speakers, a Kiwi focus and sessions focused on the environment, adventure and snow.

The lock down was a good time to start judging our 160 film and 23 book entries and we are busy choosing the programme to bring to you. Check out this preview of a NZ made film having it’s World Premier at the Festival by Wanaka film maker Richard Sidey. It’s a story about five Central Lakes paragliders going to see if they can fly of Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa. See a preview here.

Support the Festival Trust and get free access to the online Festival nation wide

Would you like to be a Festival Supporter?

Our supporters get first option on the limited 2020 Festival Passes and free access to all shows via our new online platform.

As you will likely know, our festival is operated by a non-profit charitable trust. We are in-credibly fortunate to receive financial support from a group of loyal patrons each year. We appreciate the backing because in a year like 2020 the contribution gives us confidence to plan and deliver the event, no matter what the COVID-19 Level is at.

There are several ways to make a tax-deductible donation to the Trust starting from $75. The Patron has been our most popular level because this year each Patron receives two Festival Passes.

With the new smaller venue this year there will only be 50 Festival Passes sold and as mentioned above, supporters will get first options to buy these. There will be a further 50 tickets sold to each show and an unlimited number of pay-for-view online viewing options (Online Festival runs: June 26 to July 5).

Check out more of the options and benefits here.

NZ Filmmaker deadline Extended to 30 April

With the NZ lock down in full swing we thought we’d give budding film makers, with time on their hands, a bit of extra time to finish off their films for submission. The filmmaker competition entries provide the line-up for the festival and so far the calibre of adventures and movies has been high. Enter your film here: https://www.mountainfilm.nz/competitions/adventure-film-makers/afm-entry-form/


Later next month (May) we will announce the programme and on June 1 we will start to sell tickets, provided a live event is possible. All tickets will be 100% refundable. We trust people to stay at home, if they are feeling even slightly unwell. In this instance we will pro-vide a full refund and a free link to watch the show online.

Festival Passes will be just $49 and single session tickets will be from $15 to $20. Online sessions will be from $8 to $10 for each household to watch them once.

Mountain Books

Seven books have been shortlisted for the 4th annual Mountain Book Competition. Con-tenders for the Mountain Heritage Award include: Leading the Way, a historical account of 100 years of the Tararua Tramping Club, by Shaun Barnett and Chris Maclean, Exploring the Transantarctic Mountains by dog sledge, 1960-62 by Peter Otway, The Great Un-known, a chronicle of select trans-alpine journeys by Geoff Spearpoint, and Everest – Re-flections of the Solkhumbu, with photography by Sujoy Das, and text by New Zealand’s Honorary Consul to Nepal, Lisa Choegyal.

For the Mountain Narratives Award Living the best day ever, celebrates the life of Hendri Coetzee, whose African whitewater adventures ended with a fatal encounter with a Salt-water Crocodile. Bewildered explores Laura Waters’ life changing catharsis of leaving toxic relationships and lifestyles for a long walk on Te Araroa. And In Fearless Chloe Phillips-Harris gives us a glimpse into the Mongol Derby; a 1000-kilometre endurance race across the wild steppes, desert and mountains of Mongolia – a competition with no marked course, no support team, that requires riders to switch horses every 40 km.

Competition is fierce for the NZ Mountain Book of the Year. This $1000 award was found-ed and is supported by Dave Bamford and John Nankervis. The award is only for a book of the very highest quality, and the judges say there are several books at that level.

Several of these short listed authors will be reading excerpts from their books in our online Words & Wine show. Details released with our programme on June 1.

Get Ready to View Online

Are you used to screening films and shows live through your TV? If not, here are some tips on your options.

Option 1: If you have a smart TV, check to see if it has Vimeo. This is the platform that will allow you to watch our Festival films online.

Option 2: Connect your computer to your TV. Most newer TVs have an HDMI socket in the back. Most computers either have an HMDI output socket, or you can buy an adapter plug. Then you can load Vimeo on your computer and play the shows from there. First you just need to connect your computer to your TV with an HDMI cable, select that right HDMI input and then load the page on your computer and start viewing.

Option 3: Watch the Festival on your computer. If you are alone, use earphones to enhance the experience. If you are two or more, see if you can connect your computer to a Bluetooth or regu-lar wired speaker.

We have set up a web page here with images and more instructions.