The snow is here, Level One is here, grab your tickets!

NZMFF 19 Crowd-16

We are stoked with today’s announcement that we will be in Level One on Tuesday so grab your mates and grab your tickets, let’s go! Level One allows us to release our final tickets at 8am tomorrow, which means you can really get excited about the Festival. But don’t worry, there are a lot of tickets still available.

Check out the shows at the beautiful, brand new Wanaka Community Hub or grab a wine from the Edgewater Hotel bar and slip upstairs for an evening of films like the Snow Show (be in quick – this is an audience favourite), Pure NZ films or repeats of the best films of 2020. And we’re not forgetting our Queenstown family, with three great evenings at the Memorial Centre.

A little background info!

We get asked most days, “If we are at Level One will we move the Festival back to the large 380 person in the Lake Wanaka Centre’s main auditorium?” As you can imagine it was tough planning the Festival back in March during Level 4 lockdown, trying to gaze into the crystal ball of COVID-19. We decided back then that NZ might be at a level where we could have a small, 100-person event, and we were right.

However, our biggest concern was committing to a big Festival and then either no one came, or the alert level went back up. So we decided to host what are, in effect, five mini-festivals. We still think this is the right call and with only 15% of our regular sponsorship income, and forecasting only 20% of our regular ticket income, this is critical for the Trust’s survival and to allow us to go strongly into the future. So with this said, we ask for your continued support. The best way to do that is to come along, bring a friend, buy some tickets. Thank you!

With our live ticket sales starting out steady, but to be honest a little slow, we are glad we made this conservative call.