We are offering our shows online through our Vimeo platform here.

We will also offer the live talks through our Facebook page here.

Please support our Festival so that we can come back bigger and stronger live in Wanaka and Queenstown in 2021 (it’s taken a lot of work to get this far!).

We will post links below to the Sessions which will take you to our Vimeo page. Some films are free, but you will need a basic Vimeo account to purchase the popular Sessions. The Vimeo currency is in American dollars (due to the Vimeo platform we are using) so please allow for this when you consider the fees.

There are also two types of tickets (both priced in American Dollars):

  • One Session of films (2 – 2.5hrs) through a Vimeo link valid for 24 hours on one device is US$6 (approximately NZ$9.85).
  • An online festival Pass to watch all the 7 Festival Sessions is US$14.95 (approximately NZ$24.55).

Check back for more information soon…