Entry Procedures and Regulations

Our MOUNTAIN BOOK COMPETITION will open for entries on January 1st 2021, with the last entries accepted on 30 March, 2021.

We are also looking for writers and publishers who would like to do book launches and talks at our Festival over June 25 to 29 in Wanaka.

The NZ Mountain Book Festival is an exciting event, bringing the best adventure books written on the world’s remote places and extreme sports. The festival features; guest speakers, readings, seminars, book signings and launches. The Festival offers a wide spectrum of experiences for the adventure book-loving audience.

We bring their spirit of adventure, from around the world, to the alpine village of Wanaka (June 25 to 29) in 2021.

The mountain book competition provides an opportunity for writers to showcase their work, receive merit and win cash prizes. We invite you to submit your book for consideration.

The theme is: Adventure Sports and Lifestyles. Please note that the subject matter criteria are extremely broad. There must be a link, however, with adventure sports or people, and also be set in the world’s mountains, lakes, rivers, oceans or skies. These adventure sports can include (but are not limited to) Mountain climbing, rock or ice climbing, tramping, trekking, caving, kayaking, canyoning, white water rafting, base jumping, and paragliding. As are entries which consider mountain culture or wild environments.


These are the awards up for grabs;

Mountain and Adventure narrative Award

Stories and accounts about specific adventures (whether fiction or non-fiction).

$250 prize sponsored by Wanaka Paper Plus.

Mountain and adventure heritage Award

Guidebooks, coffee table/picture books, history books, analyses, reflections on culture, environments or ethics, advocacy.

$250 prize sponsored by Bike it Now!

NZ Mountain Book of the Year: Founded and supported by Dave Bamford and John Nankervis

$1000 prize, courtesy of the award’s founders.

John Nankervis and Dave Bamford have immersed themselves in the New Zealand mountains, first as prolific exploratory mountaineers (both here and abroad) and, as their physical powers have waned, as afficianados of mountain writing. Both have extensive collections of mountain themed books but feel there is always room for more, especially at the quality end of the spectrum.The award is for a book that brings the mountain experience – in whatever form – into the hearts and minds of the reader. Fiction, poetry and non fiction will be considered.

It should leave people with a knowledge of, and respect for, the place the mountains play in the human and physical worlds. The prize is only awarded for a book of the very highest quality, and may not be awarded every year. The prize is $1000 and (obviously), the adoration of hordes of armchair adventurers around the country.. The NZ Mountain Film and Book Festival look forward to receiving entries that will further our feeling and knowledge of the mountains – and mountain people – of Aotearoa/New Zealand

The founders of the award, together at Chancellor Hut

Our judges for 2020

(Please contact us if you’d like to apply to be a judge in 2021)

Dave Vass - Chief Judge

Dave has a passion for reading and writing about the mountains. He is particularly interested in the ways we express our interactions with the natural world, be it through words or actions.

He has always been impressed with the variety of these expressions and is looking forward to reading this year’s efforts.

Allan Uren - Assistant Judge

Allan lives in Wanaka. He’s a jack of all trades when it comes to climbing and considers himself lucky to be still doing it after nearly 35 years.

He failed School Certificate English but hasn’t let the lack of formal training stop him from writing.

He’s written for the Wilderness and New Zealand Geographic magazines and been published in the Alpinist magazine and is co-author of the Mt Aspiring Region mountaineering guidebook

Alex Kerr - Assistant Judge

A love of skiing brought Alex to Wanaka 20 years ago and since then she has been lucky enough to turn her hobby in to an exciting career as the Communications Manager for Snow Sports NZ. Alex works with New Zealand’s elite and up and coming snow sports athletes, sharing news of their successes on the world stage.

When she’s not skiing or writing about snow sports, Alex will be found reading. She is honoured to be a judge for the NZMFF Book Competition

How to enter the NZMFF Mountain Book Competition

  1. Read the rules for the competition.
  2. Complete the online entry form
  3. Send us your literature. Books should be mailed/couriered to:


NZMFF Mountain Book Competition
40 Frye Crescent
Albert Town
Wanaka, 9305
New Zealand

5th Annual Competition Rules, 2021

  1. First Editions – to be eligible for the 2021 NZMFF Mountain Book Competition, Books must be published after 2010.
  2. New editions of previously published titles may be eligible if previous editions have not been entered in the competition in the past. Each title may be entered in the competition only once.
  3. Entries may be submitted by authors or publishers. Please coordinate to avoid duplication.
  4. All works must be in English.
  1. All book entries shipped from outside New Zealand must include a completed customs declaration attached to the outside of the parcel. Please note that the declared value should be equivalent to the cost of materials only. The use of retail values on international shipments may generate duty and/or taxes; these will be charged back to the sender.
  2. Shipping, customs duty and taxes are the responsibility of the entrant.
  1. Entries close at 5pm, March 30, 2021.
  2. For books, a fully completed entry form and a copy of the literature must be received by this time.  Early submission is encouraged and appreciated.
  3. For book entries, the copy of your literature can be second hand, or an advance reading copy. The copy is necessary for the judging process.
  4. Book entries must be accompanied by a synopsis of a maximum of 100 words. Other promotional materials such as media releases, reviews, etc, may be sent separately to dan@mountainfilm.nz but are not a requirement.
  5. Book entries must include a medium-resolution image file (JPEG preferred, max 2Mb) of the book cover (or author if the cover is not yet confirmed)
  1. All entrants are invited to have their books for sale during the festival.
  2. All books will be sold by Wanaka Paper Plus from a stand at the festival.  If you wish to have books on sale, please let us know so that we can coordinate with Paper Plus.
  3. Self published titles: We’ll put you in touch with Paper Plus. It is then the authors responsibility to provide the copies to directly Paper Plus. They will be sold on a ‘sale on behalf’ basis, with unsold copies returned to the author.
  4. Titles published through a commercial publishing house: We’ll let Paper Plus know you’d like your book on sale. It will then be the responsibility of Paper Plus to place a normal commercial order for the books from your publisher.
  1. The competition organisers reserve the right to select the category most appropriate for a submission.
  2. The competition organisers reserve the right to promote the entry as they see fit using; short excerpts of the text, any associated imagery and/or accompanying material supplied by the entrant.
  3. At the discretion of the competition organisers, winning authors and publishers may be notified in advance.
  4. Decisions made by the jury will be final.
  5. All books entered will be made available for viewing at the Festival Library during the 2021 event.
  6. All books entered will be donated to a local library after the festival. Authors may request the copy to be returned to them, at the authors expense.
  7. The dispatch of any entry to the Festival implies acceptance of these regulations by the entrant.

If for any reason you foresee difficulty in meeting these requirements or you have questions about your book’s suitability please contact the book competition coordinator at: dan@mountainfilm.nz