The A.O. in the Zone

Showing in: Wanaka

Wanaka Session 11: Tuesday July 2
Wanaka 7:30pm (doors open at 7:00pm with live music)




25 mins, Director: Jochen Schmoll, Germany, NZ premiere.
Adam Ondra is one of the most successful and versatile sport climbers of our time. He successfully climbed the most difficult route in the world, now called Silence, and established a new level of difficulty—9c (about NZ grade 39). The Czech climber has also shown what he can do when it comes to big wall climbing; he ascended the Dawn Wall in just eight days—on his very first trip to Yosemite. His strong, lean body seems to effortlessly transcend gravity. But is it simply Adam’s muscle power and endurance that enables him to conquer the most difficult routes? Or is it his mental strength that drives him climb an 8a while blindfolded? We find out more about the forces that drive this climbing talent to new heights.