Paul Hersey

Showing in: Wanaka

Adventure Writing School Sunday June 30
1:00pm to 4:00pm

Wanaka Mountain Book 2: From the surf breaks of the West Coast to the summit of Aoraki Monday July 1



Paul Hersey is a Dunedin-based writer, photographer, adventurer and occasional filmmaker. He has climbed extensively throughout New Zealand as well as in Nepal, India, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tadzhikistan and Europe. He has achieved a number of first ascents here and overseas, and is a two-time recipient of the Sport New Zealand Hillary Expedition Grant.

Paul’s previous jobs have included newspaper reporter, fisheries enforcement officer, ice climbing instructor, sea cave kayak guide and outdoors retail shop manager. Along with having seven books published on outdoor themes, he has also written for various magazines including Alpinist, Surfer’s Journal, North and South, New Zealand Geographic and The Climber.

Paul’s interests and passions are varied and there is no better evidence than the titles of some of his books: Merino Country – Stories from the home of New Zealand’s hardiest sheep; Our Mountains – Journeys to New Zealand’s high places; Searching For Groundswell – A New Zealand surfer’s road trip; High Misadventure – New Zealand mountaineering tragedies and survival stories; and Where The Mountains Throw Their Dice – An insight into the Kiwi climbing psyche.

Paul’s accounts of his climbing expeditions not only offer the challenges of different mountains, but also new cultures, religions, attitudes towards life in its many facets, and a myriad of ways to view our own, unique footprint in the world.

A multi-award winning author, Paul is currently working on an eighth book, and we are pleased to once again have him on our stage at the festival.

Paul is speaking at a book event and also running the Adventure Writing School.