Lee Davidson

Showing in: Wanaka


Wanaka Mountain Book 1: Words & Wine Sunday June 30



Lee has been a mountain enthusiast since she began tramping and climbing over 30 years ago while completing a history degree at Otago University. For the last 20 years she has combined these two life-long passions by researching and writing about mountains while working a senior lecturer in the Museum & Heritage Studies programme at Victoria University of Wellington.

Highlights include articles for NZ Geographic, a PhD thesis on contemporary New Zealand mountaineers, the book Serious Leisure and Nature (with RA Stebbins) and most recently Scenic Playground: The Story behind New Zealand’s Mountain Tourism (with Peter Alsop and Dave Bamford).

Lee is the winner of the Mountain and Adventure Heritage award in this year’s Book Awards for Scenic Playground: The Story behind New Zealand’s Mountain Tourism, co-authored with Peter Alsop and Dave Bamford. The book tells the story of New Zealand’s first explorers, and describes the initial infrastructure, innovation, dreams and ideas that created the foundations of tourism in New Zealand. Kaitiakitanga, the concept of guardianship, is woven throughout, and the story is supported with high-quality illustrations, photographs, paintings, and promotional materials from the evolving mountain tourism industry.

We look forward to talking with Lee about Kiwi tourism and the pressures on the physical environment, Maori relationships to the land, commercial land management and climate change. Lee will be speaking at the festival about the intriguing history, imminent challenges and important issues in our future.