Zero Waste Goals

The NZ Mountain Film & Book Festival is focused on reducing waste, and where possible composting our waste, and buying items that can be re-used and re-cycled. Over the past two six-day events in Wanaka we have reduced the waste produced by our 3,500 visitors down to two council rubbish bags; our aim is one!

To acheive this we choose café packaging that is compostable (at a little extra cost). We don’t sell bottled water, we provide free filtered water from our popular water (beer) tap. We supply free tea and coffee when you bring your own re-usable cup. If necessary we do sell disposable cups, but they are compostable, as long as you put them in a hot compost. So we take them back, and have them composted locally. You do not need to print your tickets, just keep a copy on your phone, we are happy with digital copies. New for 2019 is a Festival shopping bag, free to everyone who buys a Festival Pass (while stocks last).

We are looking ahead and always mindful of ways to improve. We aim to minimise the impact the festival may have on the planet and the global playground we all love to adventure in. We are open to ideas, maybe we should plant trees to offset the carbon emissions from our Festival speakers travel? Our films are all entered via the internet, not posted or couriered. Got an idea, please touch base to let us know!

Our 2017 Festival cups being composted
The good stuff, all that was left of our 2017 cups.
Compost thermometer telling us we’re on the right path and the Compost is in That magic ‘Hot zone’. To hot to put your hand in here
The free filtered water tap. Bring your own cup or water bottle. We wont sell you a plastic single use disposable one!