National Tour FAQ

National Tour FAQ


What is a ‘Best of Wanaka’ screening?

The NZ Mountain Film Festival sends packages of films on tour around NZ year-round with various selections of films from the most recent festival in Wanaka (usually 3 options; award winning films, NZ made films and snow sport films). Hosts present both single-event and multi-day screenings delivered in digital format with a total running time of 2-3 hours per screening.

Who can host a Tour screening?

Anyone! Our tour stops have been hosted by a wide array of organisations, including retailers, universities, environmental groups, community groups, theatres, local governments and even individuals. These include non-profit organisations (like us) to be part of fundraising events.

Where can I host a Tour?

The Tour can be screened at just about any venue, large or small. Theatres, school auditoriums, breweries, climbing gyms, retail stores, and everywhere in between. As long as you can arrange for professional screening equipment, you can make it happen.

Is there a fee?

Yes, the NZ Mountain Film Festival Charitable Trust operates on a fixed booking fee structure. This allows the host to have complete control over ticket prices, box office revenue, local donor/sponsor rates, etc., all designed to help you achieve your financial and/or fundraising goals.

Our fee includes:
– Custom film playlist delivered in digital format (preferred) or on DVD.
– Technical support and advice.
– Festival images and National Tour poster copy for your marketing use.

Contact us to discuss the fee.

Can I get local sponsors?

Yes! Sponsors are a great way to help cover the tour screening fee and bring a dynamic element to your event. We encourage you to reach out to business leaders in your community who would benefit from being associated with your event. Please advise any of your sponsors that our national sponsors (The North Face and GoPro) are displayed on the intro reel before each show.

Free Youth Program?

We are all about inspiring youth and encouraging them into safe adventures. If you want to play the films to a school or youth group, please ask us and we’ll most likely send you the films for free.

Who do I contact?