National Tour FAQ

National Tour FAQ


What is a ‘Best of Wanaka’ screening?

To ensure audiences around NZ get a taste of the nine day NZ Mountain Film & Book Festival, we send a select set of films on tour around the country.  The ‘Best of Wanaka’ is a selection of our most popular films screened at the festival. We wrap up a nice bundle of favourites including the award winners, the audience choice, NZ made films and a variety of adventure sports and expeditions.  The package running time is about 2 hours per screening and provided in a digital format. Hosts may screen a single show or screen the package multiple times

Who can host a Tour screening?

We invite anyone to host a screening: schools, universities, youth groups, environmental groups or National organisations, movie theatres or even individuals. The screening can be used as a fundraiser for non-profit organisations.  Our aim is to inspire a wide range of people and groups by taking the films on the road.

Where can I host a Tour?

You can host a tour anywhere and we invite you to get creative; we love outdoor screenings, shows in climbing gyms, clubs, halls and breweries. Then of course theatres, halls and auditoriums work well.  All you need is the equipment (professional screening equipment) you are good to go!

Is there a fee?

There is a fixed fee; this means the host can manage ticket prices, venue fees, sponsors and any other income or costs or income related to screening. The structure is simple to allow you to meet your financial goals.

The fee includes:
• The film provided in digital format or dvd
• Technical advice and support
• Marketing collateral and support – National Tour poster, logo, imagery

Can I get local sponsors?

Absolutely, this is a great way to support your fundraising efforts. Getting sponsors on-board to cover the screening fee is a great way to offset this cost and broaden the audience scope by getting the right partners involved. Chat to your locals stores, businesses and supporters. Note, our national sponsors, The North Face and Lumix, each feature on the intro reel before each show.

Can we get the films for our school for free?

Yes! check out the information about the FMC sponsored free school tour. 

Who do I contact?

Dan at