Grant Scheme Applications Open!

Our grant scheme applications are now open and close on October 30th. The NZMFF is giving away just over $4,000 that was raised at our charity auctions in Wanaka and Queenstown.
You can apply under three different categories that we believe in:

  1. Funding for youth (under 18 years) in adventure film making courses and/or adventure skills training.
  2. Financially support local environmental projects like river cleanups, native tree re-planting and other similar non-profit organisations.
  3. Assist with funding people with disabilities to buy specialist sporting equipment click this over here now.

If you’d like to apply for some funds, please explain in a one page letter what you’d like the money for, how much is the total project costing and how much do you need from us? Post it to: NZ Mountain Film Festival Charitable Trust Board of Trustees, P.O.Box 563, Wanaka 9343.
Examples of successful applications include; $600 for a outdoor education course, $300 for native tree re-planting, a $1000 snowboard for a para-athlete, $300 for uniforms for a kids outdoor programme, $2000 towards a sit ski, expenses for adults to take youth on climbing camps and funding for film making training courses.
Spread the word, we really need to give away the money!!