Jo Haines


Jo is travelling the world, 3 months at a time, on a bike. Each autumn she sets off from Albert Town, to explore another unique corner of the earth. Jo reckons, “Our tyres have gotten fatter, our loads are getting smaller, and the trails are getting quieter and rougher.” The list of destinations and journeys under her belt is impressive, but Jo says there is just so much more to explore. Adventure always inspires more adventure!

Jo is an avid blogger along the way. Her website,, hosts a stunning back catalogue of stories and tales from the saddle. These include many ‘pinch me’ moments, many surprises, and lots of tales of food, animals and unbelievable scenery. The list of people and places Jo has visited is extensive and really varied. From famous Pie Towns in the USA, to racing bears to get to berries, to pedalling to the Tajikistan border, entering a small cold corrugated shed that was the immigration office, only to discover she lacked the right paperwork for entry. Jo’s talk will be on her travels across Georgia, Armenia, Tajikistan & Kyrgyzstan.

Her trips over the last few years include:

2019 Georgia and Armenia
2018 Australian Alps Traverse
2018 Northern Peru to Ecuador
2017 Tajikistan & Kyrgyzstan
2016 The Great Divide – USA
2015 India Himalaya
2014 Peru Great Divide
2013 Santiago to Cusco
2012 Santiago to Ushuaia

We are so excited to welcome a local adventurer to the stage. Warning: we expect Jo’s talk to inspire a few folks to dust off their passports and panniers.