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Political and environmental turmoil, from Afghanistan to Aotearoa: Bob McKerrow and Dr Catherine Knight

PRICE: $15 (online), $17 (at the door)
LOCATION: Armstrong Room, Lake Wanaka Centre.

Authoring among Afghani anarchy with Bob McKerrow. Bribes, theft and kidnappings were just everyday events in Afghanistan in the 90s. When Bob wrote his personal account of the spirit of the Afghan people and the beauty of their mountains, he reckons getting enough power to charge his laptop was harder than climbing a 6000m peak! Afghanistan – Mountains of Our Minds was published in 2003 in India, and never had a NZ book launch. Come and enjoy Bob’s fascinating tales of his experiences as an aid worker, mountaineer and author, as he ‘launches’ his book in NZ, after a mere 16-year wait.

Break: The cafe will be open for a drink or a snack. Book signings.

Beyond Manapouri: Has New Zealand failed its environment? With Dr Catherine Knight.

Fifty years ago, the campaign to save Lake Manapouri from being raised for a hydro scheme is widely credited with the awakening of environmental awareness in New Zealand. Despite this awakening and the establishment of environmental institutions and legislation, our waterways continue to deteriorate, and our biodiversity remains in decline. Drawing on her latest book Beyond Manapouri, Dr Knight will seek to explain why these institutions have failed to halt our environment’s decay and what cultural shifts we need to make if we are to live up to our clean, green image.