Past Grand Prize Winners

Past Grand Prize Winners

Our international mountain film competition has been going since 2005 and here are our list of past winners:

2005  –  Amazonia Vertical, Slovakia, Directed by Pavol Barabáš.

2006  –  The Other Face of K2, Spain, Directed by Roig Rigol.

2007  –  Gasherbrum II – The Fastest Summit, Germany, Directed by Niko Jager.

2008  –  The Beckoning Silence, UK Directed by Louise Osmond.

2009  –  Acopan Tepui, Germany, Directed by Jochen Schmoll.

2010  –  Mount St.Elias, Austria, Directed by Gerald Salmina.

2011  –  The Prophet, UK, Directed by Alastair Lee.

2012  –  Race for the Nose, USA, Directed by Nick Rosen and Peter Mortimer.

2013  –  The Shark’s Fin, USA, Directed by Peter Mortimer, Nick Rosen, Josh Lowell, Renan Ozturk, Shannon Ethridge.

2014  –  Footprints on the Ridge, Slovakia, Directed by Pavol Barabáš.

2015  –  Myanmar: Bridges to Change, USA, Directed by Mark Fisher and Eric Daft.

2016  –  Locked In – First Descent of the Beriman Gorge, Austria, Directed by Bryan Smith and David Pearson.

2017  –  Into Twin Galaxies – A Greenland Epic, Germany, Directed by Jochen Schmoll.

2018  –  Liv Along the Way, Canada, Directed by Mike Douglas.

Liv Along the Way, 2018 Grand Prize winner.