Art Display

Art Display

Welcome Artists:

If you are an artist or photographer and are interested in contributing a work or works to the display please contact us ( for further information.

No commission for works sold will be charged by the NZ Mountain Film Festival. Selling of works is optional for artists and photographers. The NZMFF gets its value from the display through visitors’ enjoyment of viewing the Artists’ and Photographers’ work.

The artists’ and photographers’ work should reflect the festival’s theme “Adventurous Sports and Lifestyles” and depict the world’s outdoor spaces, mountains, lakes, sea and rivers as well as outdoor people, sports and scenery.


The 2018 Artists included:

Crystal Brindle

Crystal is an intrepid explorer and landscape storyteller committed to immersing herself in New Zealand’s greatest landscapes and sharing the wonder she finds in the natural world through the medium of photography. She is drawn to landscapes that are hard to reach and those that represent wilderness character in its purest form.
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Gilbert van Reenen.

Photographic artist & naturalist Gilbert van Reenen has been drawn to the mountains for as long as he can remember. He has recently returned from an expedition to the amazing La Puna volcanic plateau alongside the Andes in NW Argentina. Gilbert will be exhibiting a selection of prints from his trip at the festival. His website is at He has been exhibiting his distinctive mountain images at the Film Festival since its inception.

Oscar Hetherington

Oscar is a very passionate and determined young local landscape and sport photographer who has grown up in Wanaka with a strong passion for the outdoors.  His images aim to share unique and wild parts of the world with others in new and exciting ways. His two pieces will be for sale.

Jaime Fleming

Based in Queenstown I create alpine inspired art for adventurous souls. My stylised landscapes are inspired by life in the mountains, capturing the spirit of exploration and with the intent to motivate. Because we can’t always be out where we want to be, I believe that a little dose of mountain art will keep any outdoorsy spirit fuelled and ready for the next big adventure! Find me on instagram @jasperfoxdeisgn

Chrissy Wickes

Kia ora, I am Chrissy Wickes. An artist living and loving Wanaka. My art is a celebration of the land. I work currently in oils painting scenes from the local landscape. I enjoy painting on recycled material like old retro water and snow skis. I am currently experimenting with painting on old skis. I like that these objects have been used in this landscape and now can find new life in being a platform for expression. These objects have been much loved in a similar way that I love the land we live in. I have been painting on and off for most of my life. Expression through art or writing is a vital pleasure for me. I am currently compiling a book about artists that work in conservation, celebrating their art and their passion for the land





Steph Kosakowski

Steph’s love for skiing and adventure brought her around the globe from British Columbia to Wanaka in 2015. Camera in hand, her travels have led her to the West Fjords of Iceland, plains of Africa, and snowy backcountry of Hokkaido. Last year she documented a trip to the Himalayas of Nepal and India to find herself immersed in high altitude mountain culture. She’s absolutely thrilled to be sharing her photos for the first time at the festival this year.

Aliss Curtis

Aliss, originally from the UK, has been exploring New Zealand since September of last year and this is her first opportunity to exhibit the creative outcomes from her journey so far. Her work is always heavily influenced by the natural environment and New Zealand has provided no shortage of inspiration! From the bush and beaches of North Island to the mountains and lakes of the South, her travels have directly influenced this collection. She often uses graphic abstract forms combined with bright colours to visually interpret her experiences and surroundings. With a love of the great outdoors naturally comes a responsibility to respect and protect it hence all of these recent works are created on reclaimed wood, from scraps of timber and driftwood to broken or old skate board decks. She is hoping her artworks can give these obsolete objects a new lease of life! To see more of her work find her on instagram @alisscurtis

Christopher Thompson

Christopher, a professional graphic designer and photographer based in Wanaka, is rapidly building a reputation as an outstanding landscape and outdoor photographer. He has always desired to be a landscape artist, and it is through the medium of photography that he has found his forté. His limited edition fine art photographic prints have been popular both in New Zealand and abroad and his work has featured in a variety of New Zealand publications.



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