Surf the Line – FULL MOVIE

Showing in: Wanaka

Wanaka Session 6: Sunday July 1




52mins, Director: Jeremy Frey, France, NZ Premiere, Subtitles: Yes
Have you ever dreamed of surfing in the sky? To experience this ultimate sensation of freedom and limitless movement? The Flying Frenchies did it! Surf the Line is an immersive documentary that tells the behind the scenes story of a wild and crazy project, which required two years of preparation, complex calculations, the creation of a kilometre-long cable and a custom surfboard to the delight of our imagination! In order to live this extraordinary adventure, it was necessary to overcome the most difficult tests of life, self-doubt, and engage in deep reflection. Extreme sports, buffoonery, genuine inventions and a lifestyle close to nature: plunge into the extreme and bohemian universe of the Flying Frenchies!