Peta Carey

Showing in: Wanaka


Wanaka Mountain Book 1 Sunday July 1
Armstrong Room, 5:30pm



An award-winning documentary film-maker and feature writer most of her working life, Peta has made films in various corners of the globe, from natural history, science, medicine, adventure, climate change and various social issues.

Her foray into book publishing came following the death of her husband, Dave Comer, photographer and renowned film location scout. Popularly known as ‘The man who found Middle Earth’, Dave lived much of his life in and around Fiordland, photographing the region from the 1970s until he died in late 2014.

In ‘A Place for the Heart’, Peta Carey presents Dave’s most beautiful and intriguing images, but also tells the story of his life and work – from the early years jet boating in the Hollyford Valley, to his involvement in the helicopter venison industry, to over thirty years in the international film industry (including location scouting for Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit). Above all, Place for the Heart tells the story of Dave’s deep understanding and love of Fiordland.

Now based in Queenstown, Carey is a full time writer, her second book due out later this year. She is an active trustee of the Hollyford Conservation Trust, and mother to her daughter, Billie.