Neil Silverwood

Showing in: Wanaka

Wanaka Session 13: Wednesday July 4
(Doors open at 7:00 pm)

Wanaka Mountain Book 3 Wednesday July 4
5:00pm in the Armstrong Room



Neil likes to explore places that few dare to go. He likes to go down under ‘Downunder’, deep into New Zealand’s subterranean caves and crevasses. Not only does he like to crawl into deep, dark spaces, he likes to capture these unusual places on film; he is a caveman-cameraman.

No surprises, Neil was born and bred on the rugged West Coast of New Zealand. He works as a full time photographer specialising in imagery of wild, woolly places. He loves the creative process, the challenge of photographing in adverse conditions and the chance to share those wild, inaccessible places with others.

Neil’s new book, ‘Caves: Exploring New Zealand’s Subterranean Wilderness’ takes readers on a journey into New Zealand’s longest and deepest caves. The story takes readers on one of the world’s most dangerous cave dives as well as prospecting for a totally new kind of cave, on a South Island glacier.

‘Caves’ was recently awarded the Union International Speleology (UIS) Best Caves book award, while images featured within the book led to co-author Neil Silverwood’s honour of New Zealand Geographic Photographer of the Year. Neil was runner up in the 2015 New Zealand Geographic Photographer of the Year competition in the Photo Story Category. ‘Caves’, has been shortlisted for an award in our 2018 Book Competition.

Neil will share with us some of his incredible photos and experiences, and give us a breathtaking glance into NZ’s subterranean wilderness at this year’s event.