Michael Gill

Showing in: Wanaka


Wanaka Mountain Book 1 Sunday July 1
Armstrong room at 5:30pm



Michael Gill was a close personal friend of Sir Edmund Hillary, accompanying him on many expeditions through the years. The 50-year friendship began in 1959 when Michael answered Sir Edmund’s newspaper advertisement calling for climbers to come on his next Himalayan adventure. Michael subsequently joined many expeditions as the doctor, photographer and writer. He was involved in the Himalayan Trust working alongside Sir Edmund on building schools and hospitals. With front row seats to this incredible life and access to family photos and documents Gill write a stunning biography of Sir Ed called Hillary. Michael has also authored two other books Mountain Midsummer and Himalayan Hospitals, accounts of his time mountaineering and stories of his experience with the Trust.

We look forward to hearing from such a close friend of one of our national heroes during the Words & Wine Show.