Dulkara Martig

Showing in: Wanaka

Wanaka Session 7: Sunday July 1
Wanaka 7:30pm (Doors open at 7:00 pm)




With an early childhood spent in Mount Cook Village and in Roa (population 17), on the West Coast of the South Island, it is little wonder that Dulkara was at home in the outdoors right from the beginning. She spent most of her time barefoot or in gumboots –  following Paradise Ducks around, exploring the bush, rock scrambling, climbing trees, mucking around in creeks and lakes, and not watching TV.

Dulkara has carved out a lifestyle for herself, incorporating her passions for wilderness adventure, travelling and working with youth. Work contracts have taken her to Nepal, Botswana, the jungles of Borneo, the outback of Australia and the vast grizzly-inhabited wilderness of Alaska. And in the past year alone she was part of four private multi-week expeditions: a ski-mountaineering packrafting journey in SE Alaska, alpine hiking and packrafting in the Arctic, packrafting in the remote Kimberleys in Western Australia, and an all-women traverse of NZ’s Southern Alps.

Dulkara recently competed in the Godzone expedition adventure race in Fiordland, gaining first-hand knowledge of trench foot. The more rugged the terrain, the wider her grin. She is one of four adventurers on the Alpacka Raft Pro Athlete Team and earlier this year she was awarded the Golden Paddle trophy by the American Packrafting Association, for her contributions to the sport of packrafting.

During the festival Dulkara will share stories about her multi-discipline wilderness journeys and how adding packrafting to her repertoire has opened doors to a new way of adventuring.