Colin Monteath

Showing in: Wanaka


Wanaka Mountain Book 1 Sunday July 1
Armstrong Room, 5:30pm



Colin is a polar and mountain photographer and writer who is passionate about wild places and expedition travel.

Colin has been an active mountaineer for 40 years and is a Life Member of the New Zealand Alpine Club; he has climbed New Zealand’s highest peak 13 times. Starting in 1973, Colin has worked in Antarctica for 31 summer seasons. Over ten seasons (1973-83) he operated from New Zealand’s Scott Base as Field Operations Officer, helping to co-ordinate the logistic support for New Zealand’s science programme. In 1988, Colin became the first New Zealander to reach the highest peak in Antarctica, Vinson Massif in the Ellsworth Mountains.

In 1983, he founded Hedgehog House New Zealand with a commitment ‘To increase an awareness of the need to preserve wilderness, especially in the high mountain and polar regions’. Colin is regularly involved in book projects, contributing images and chapters of text to guide books, trekking books and pictorial books on the polar and mountain regions.

Colin is part of our Words & Wine show.