Cabin Jams

Showing in: Wanaka and Queenstown

Wanaka Session 1 Friday June 29

Queenstown Session Q3 Saturday July 7


8mins, Director: Jamie Tanner, Canada, NZ Premiere, Subtitles: No

The traditional action sports formula is matching fast-paced action with a catchy song. After several years of being a professional skier, producer Leah Evans wanted to disrupt this formula. She wanted to capture the feeling of the trip through the soundtrack as well as the visuals. She set out to assemble a team who could translate the feeling of backcountry skiing and the landscape into song. Last winter four musicians and four athletes travelled into a backcountry cabin where the musicians wrote and recorded music live in a cabin while the riders explored the terrain and great snow conditions. The soundtrack was inspired by place, and reflects the feeling and landscape they were recorded in. The goal is tying together a more complete story of backcountry skiing among friends.