Art Display

Art Display

Welcome Artists:

If you are an artist or photographer and are interested in contributing a work or works to the display please contact us ( for further information.

No commission for works sold will be charged by the NZ Mountain Film Festival. Selling of works is optional for artists and photographers. The NZMFF gets its value from the display through visitors’ enjoyment of viewing the Artists’ and Photographers’ work.

The artists’ and photographers’ work should reflect the festival’s theme “Adventurous Sports and Lifestyles” and depict the world’s outdoor spaces, mountains, lakes, sea and rivers as well as outdoor people, sports and scenery.

So far for 2018 we have:

Crystal Brindle

Crystal is an intrepid explorer and landscape storyteller committed to immersing herself in New Zealand’s greatest landscapes and sharing the wonder she finds in the natural world through the medium of photography. She is drawn to landscapes that are hard to reach and those that represent wilderness character in its purest form.
Discover more at:

Artists who had displays in 2017 included:

Kathryn Pender

‘Imagine the feeling of  leaping into icy cold water, that first plunge as all your senses are engulfed, before coming up energised, gasping for air! Or climbing a mountain on a stunning clear day, dazzling blue sky, breathing in the clear crisp air flowing straight down a valley from a glacier……’

From drawings and photographs taken on adventures all round New Zealand, Kathryn creates abstracted landscapes capturing that energy, that intangible felling of immersing yourself fully in your surroundings.

More info at or facebook/Instagram @kpenderart.

Laurie Harding.

A Wanaka based artist focusing on ink sketches of skiing, climbing, and mountains, both local and whilst travelling (most recently in Nepal). Sketching is his passion and Laurie’s recently started making his own bespoke picture frames of driftwood sourced from local lakes and the west coast.

Check out his Instagram profile @laurie.harding.

Gilbert van Reenen.

Photographic artist & naturalist Gilbert van Reenen has been drawn to the mountains for as long as he can remember. Last year he was the Whare Kea Artist in Residence at the Albert Burn Saddle above the East Matukituki valley. Gilbert has recently been producing time lapse videos concentrating on mountain weather and cloud forms. His website is at He has been exhibiting his distinctive mountain images at the Film Festival since its inception.


Chrissy Wickes

Kia ora, I am Chrissy Wickes. An artist living and loving Wanaka. My art is a celebration of the land. I work currently in oils painting scenes from the local landscape. I enjoy painting on recycled material like old retro water and snow skis. I am currently experimenting with painting on old sales. I like that these objects have been used in this landscape and now can find new life in being a platform for expression. These objects have been much loved in a similar way that I love the land we live in. I have been painting on and off for most of my life. Expression through art or writing is a vital pleasure for me. I am currently compiling a book about artists that work in conservation, celebrating their art and their passion for the land

2017 Art Display